Recruitment of Local and Foreign Workers

Foreign & Local Recruitment Agency

Local Workers

Local workers are recruited from all parts of Malaysia. A variety of sources are used, including advertisements, banners, leaflets, industry contacts, local agents and our own database. Advertisements are also placed in district manpower offices and other related locations.

This is followed by interviews arranged in public halls throughout the state with the client’s Human Resource Personnel to interview and shortlist the candidates.

Foreign Workers

The client has to submit their request with specific details about the position and their requirements. With this specification and criteria, the search begins.

Direct Passport & Permit Renewal Reminder and Assistance

1. Foreign workers passport & working permit renewal.
2. For existing clients, a reminder of worker permit renewal notice will be given 3 months before the expiry date.
3. Provide permit renewal quotation to clients.
4. Documentation for permit renewal (workers).
5. Submission of permit renewal documentation to immigration/ MYEG.

Sectors Involved

1. Manufacturing
2. Cargo Handling
3. Household Cleaning
4. Security

Our Workers From Different Countries

Workers from: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia & Philippines.